a wide range of French know-how

our major asset


Our major asset: the internal control of all the stages of the manufacturing process offering reliability, quality and uniqueness. Each creation is a new challenge for our confectioners, making each confection a creation full of technicalities, emotions and values.

Creations loaded with technicalities, emotions and values.

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our passion

the exception

A meeting first of all with history thanks to the many traditional confectioners who accompany us. These ancient skills require a boundless passion from our craftsmen when it comes to passing on and perpetuating their know-how in the service of tomorrow’s gourmet and gastronomic creations.

A multiplicity of skills

Our strength

Personalized candy

Our strength: the customization of confectionery, which we will adapt to your needs and tastes. Customization is within your reach, even in the confectionery industry!

Offering a unique gourmet experience are the key words that motivate the talented men and women who work every day to make each production unique.

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Our Brands

we represent the best of the French confectionery industry



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