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A confectionery taken over
in the Auvergne way


Auvergne, land of confectionery

Elected national candy in the 1950s, the berlingot is known and appreciated by all.

Auvergne has a real traditional heritage and it is our duty to highlight this sweet heritage. Indeed, over the centuries, the confectionery has grown so much that it became in 1865 the first economic activity of the Clermont-Ferrand region. At the beginning of the XIXth century, about fifteen confectioners were working in Auvergne, some of them still exist today, thanks to family or commercial successions.

It is in this dynamic that the Berling’Auvergnat was born: a local berlingot based on verbena and gentian, natural and typical ingredients of the Auvergne.

Some dates


the very first berlingot is born

It would have been made for the first time, with caramel, in 1310 under the pontificate of Clement V (first pope of Avignon), by one of his cooks named Sylvestre. It was then a medicinal product sold by apothecaries.


creation of the berling'auvergnat

Bonbon France decided to reappropriate this famous confectionery by adapting the recipe with typically local products: a berling’auvergnat made with verbena and gentian.

A multiplicity of skills


of the creation to the taste buds

Confectionery means pleasure: the pleasure of making and pleasing yourself. Who says confectionery says greediness. And as Pierre Hermé says so well, “Gourmandise is an inexhaustible source of happiness”. Bonbon France responds to this irrepressible need for pleasure by offering tasty, quality confectionery within everyone’s reach.

Each brand has its own story, but all have the same goal: to honor the authenticity and quality of French know-how. In addition to guaranteeing exellence, Bonbon France promises you the good taste of the past.


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