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the honey candy made in auvergne

The sweetness of honey and all the benefits of natural ingredients that we offer in a lozenge, this is the definition of Apipharma. Each candy is composed of at least 20% of honey from Auvergne, because nothing is more important to us than supporting local production. Apipharma is the only brand on the national market offering candies with so much honey!

Thanks to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory virtues of honey, the lozenge allows to relieve cough by letting it melt gently in the mouth. Associated with other natural ingredients such as violet or ginger, Apipharma’s patilles combine the good taste of the past and the natural benefits.

Some figures


beehives on the roofs of our premises

Indeed, we are not alone in our work! The bees accompany us daily above us.

1 000 000

of bees among us

(Much) more than us!

A multiplicity of skills


of the creation to the taste buds

Confectionery means pleasure: the pleasure of making and pleasing yourself. Who says confectionery says greediness. And as Pierre Hermé says so well, “Gourmandise is an inexhaustible source of happiness”. Bonbon France responds to this irrepressible need for pleasure by offering tasty, quality confectionery within everyone’s reach.

Each brand has its own story, but all have the same goal: to honor the authenticity and quality of French know-how. In addition to guaranteeing exellence, Bonbon France promises you the good taste of the past.


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Some facts


Always more softness

Good honey for your taste buds

Apipharma has the only candies on the market containing so much honey: 20% of honey of Auvergne against 12% in general (at most).


Honey produced by our hives

The majority of the honey harvested for the conception of the delicious Apipharma pastilles, is an acacia honey.

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