We create your brand and your flavors with you


Service adapted to your needs

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our range, we offer you a service adapted to your needs: the creation of a custom-made flavor for your candies!

This is an opportunity to promote a particular local flavor that we don’t have yet, or to make a treat that matches your target. It is possible to submit an ingredient directly to us to be incorporated into our recipes or we can search for a product from a small local producer to create a unique candy.

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Entirely French
& natural

In an era of industrialization and globalization, the question of ethics, both environmental and societal, is more than ever in the spotlight. A subject on which consumers are increasingly sensitive, expressing the desire and need to consume responsibly, with respect for human beings
and the environment.

Bonbon France offers the possibility to consume local and responsible, by selecting local, organic and 100% natural products. It also participates in the reintegration of people with disabilities by opening up jobs accessible to all within its production chain.

What if you created your brand?

Our service: candy box personalization

For a minimum purchase of 50Kg, you can acquire a custom-made candy. You can get it in bulk, but wouldn’t it be better to get it in boxes of candy? We also offer another service: the personalization of candy boxes. On the front, use an image representing your business, for example, and on the back your contact information.

Two sizes are available: small (50mm) and large (70mm). Our graphic designers will be at your disposal to create a beautiful visual highlighting your company and your services.

For your end of year gifts, for your employees and customers and for any type of event (meeting, seminar, new product launch, etc.), trust us.